Meet the Emonda family

The Emonda is Trek's lightest road bike that offers offer ultimate ride quality and balanced handling without compromising weight. Émonda helps riders go faster than ever on flats and climbs alike thanks to the fast and light aerodynamic tube shaping.

Emonda SL

The all new Emonda Sl delivers balanced ride quality and superior handling. The frame has aretube shaping from the ultralight 500 Series OCLV carbon frame.


from £115.52 per month on finance

Emonda SLR

The lightest and fastest road bike in Trek's range giving incredible ride quality and aerodynamic advantage. With Series OCLV carbon frame weighing in at under 700g.

Emonda ALR

Trek's lightest aluminium road buke with an aerodynamic frame. It's fast, light and affordable.


from £58.07 per month on finance


from £58.07 per month on finance


from £78.68 per month on finance

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