Get Illuminated with Bontrager Bike Lights

By mikevaughan 26. 10. 2019

Shorter darker days make quality bike lights essential for every ride. No question with that, but how can we help customers choose which ones are right for them?

Questions we often answer in store include:

  1. What are LEDs?
  2. What is a Lumen?
  3. Why use daytime running lights?
  4. Should I use rechargeable bike lights?
  5. What is legal?

Let’s answer these questions.

  1. LEDs are the modern high-tech replacements for light bulbs. They generally last longer than traditional and halogen bulbs.
  2. Lumens are a measure of visible light. The higher the lumen rating means a brighter light giving you more visibility.
  3. Daytime running lights automatically shine brighter during the day and are highly recommended, so motorists get a better chance of knowing you are on the road.
  4. Rechargeable battery lights mean you can quickly charge before a long ride rather than constantly buying new batteries.
  5. The law requires that cyclists must have a white front light and red rear light lit at night.

So, which are the best bike lights to buy?

Lights to be seen with are about other traffic seeing you. Where street lighting is sufficient at night for you to see the road, so your focus is on being seen. Generally, these cycle lights are lower powered but with side illumination to maximise visibility. Flashing or pulsing modes work well day or night to make sure your presence has been observed.

Higher powered lights to see and be seen with are much brighter and have a larger battery capacity enabling you to spot stationary objects, potholes, debris and road signage where the ambient light is lower or absent. These lights are useful out of town, on greenways or canal tow paths and have variable power settings along with flash or pulse modes.

Daytime running lights are growing in importance so Bontrager have an auto sensor on most models that increases the brightness of the light during daytime and slightly diming when dark.

Off Road lights need to have a very high output as good visibility is crucial in conditions where the surface is uneven or unpredictable and the ambient light is non-existent.

All Bontrager front lights have variable power output so you can choose the appropriate brightness and include flash or strobe modes. Rechargeable Bontrager bike lights with essential daytime running come with a 30-day unconditional and a 2-year manufacturers guarantee.


Browse our full range in-store

 Our front bike lights start from £19.99 Front Ion 35 through to the Ion EliteR @ £79.99.

Rear lights start at £9.99 Rear Flare 1 @ through to the Flare RT @ £44.99

Global Cycling Network have a great Youtube video on the case for daytime running lights.