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Specialized Rockhopper 2021 – Mike’s recommendation of the week

Specialized Rockhopper 2021 in Satin Aqua

Specialized Rockhopper 2021

Our Recommendation

For this week’s recommendation we thought we must include the Specialized Rockhopper. We have been selling bikes from the Rockhopper family for years, in fact it was actually the first Mountain bike that I ever rode! If you ask many keen mountain bikers what their first MTB was, a large percentage would recall it was a Specialized Rockhopper. The model’s longevity truly proves its brilliance. It is the perfect bike for those who love versatility and an exceptional ride quality.

Perfect for …

The Rockhopper is great for beginners or older kids who want a bike which is capable but doesn’t break the bank. It delivers a lively ride due to its trail geometry, capable of handling local trails or more extreme trail parks.

Specialized’s goal of ensuring the Rockhopper provides the best fit and ride for each person is certainly true with this bike. No matter what your measurements, each frame size comes with the optimal wheel size.

The bike has a lightweight, butted aluminum frame and modern gearing technology which allows you to travel faster, further and have a more enjoyable ride.

The Rockhopper comes not only in a base frame but also a Sport, Comp, Elite and Expert model, ranging in price from £499 – £1099. The different models also come in a variety of colour ways, so you can chose what’s right to suit you and your personality.

Another reason why we love the Rockhopper is because it’s so versatile, whether riding to work, riding for pleasure or on a hard cycle trail this bike offers brilliant performance and comfort.

If you like the look of the Rockhopper or need some advice about the perfect bike for you, give us a call. We would be happy to help!

You can keep up to date with what we’re riding on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please give us a follow and say hello.

Mike and Team

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Trek Rail 9 – Our recommendation of the week!

The Trek Rail 9 in Orange and Black, on a black background

Trek Rail 9

We recommend…

Electric bikes and certainly electric mountain bikes have come such a long way in the past few years and we can see these upgrades refined in the Trek Rail 9. The Rail 9 is an electric Mountain bike with long-travel suspension, a light Aluminium frame and a 625Wh battery, allowing you to ride faster up those rocky and rough terrains. 

Perfect for speed, power and all round fun!

This eMTB is perfect for those who want to put the fun back into exercise. The Rail 9 gives you speed and power, allowing you to enjoy riding further, for longer. 

The long-travel suspension and the well balanced geometry makes you feel more confident, comfortable and stable over difficult ground.

The Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame is light and durable, and encases a 625Wh battery. The Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system hides within the frame for protection, looks great and is easy to remove and charge ready for your next ride!

The Bosch motor is smaller, lighter and more efficient, it being Bosch’s longest-range battery, allowing you to get more laps in and whilst not having to worry about running out of charge.

This bike is lively and offers a more race-inclined feel, making you push harder and get up those steep uphill trails faster so you can enjoy the speed downhill!

As well as having a brilliant spec, the Trek Rail 9 is also great looking bike! With different colour ways on offer you’re bound to find your perfect fit.

Thanks for reading our recommendation for the Trek Rail 9. Please get in touch if you want to know more about the Trek Rail 9, or any of our bikes. We will be happy to help!

You can also keep up to date with what we’re riding on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please give us a follow and say hi!

Mike and Team

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Why we love the Specialized Turbo Vado SL

As a long established bike shop, we’re constantly asked about what we’d recommend. So, we thought we’d create a blog or two featuring our recommendations, starting with the Specialized Turbo Vado SL.


When we began to think about what bikes we would choose to recommend for cyclists, we couldn’t not include the Vado SL. Perfect for today’s lifestyle, this bike is fast-paced, safe and a very enjoyable ride. As the Turbo Vado SL is an e-bike, it has a brilliant range and power, meaning it amplifies your own pace, allowing you to get to where you want to faster whilst also taking the strain off hilly routes.

Perfect for….

This would be the perfect bike for getting some exercise inand for doing your bit to help the environment.  It’s also ideal if you want to get to work while avoiding public transport. We think it’s perfect for the daily commute as it allows you to arrive at work energized and ready for the day ahead, not hot and sweaty from a hard commute!

This bike is one of our top recommendations as it is not only brilliant for the work commute but also ideal for beautiful autumnal rides on the weekends. This bike is stylish and fun and a great hybrid.

There is no other electric bike out there like the Turbo Vado SL. It’s light enough to carry, making it easy for you to get around and lock up when going into town.

Fully equipped with mudguards, rack and lights that are permanently on (meaning you’ll be seen all year round). It even comes in different colours to suit your taste. All you need is a helmet and a good lock to complete the perfect riding experience!

Of course, to make the right recommendation for you, we need to know a little bit about you. We want to know where you’d like to ride, how you’d like to ride and what you’d like from your bike. If you’d like help choosing your next bike, give us a call. We’re happy to help find that perfect bike for you.


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A Beginners Guide to Commuting by Bike

high vis cycling to work

With the rise of cycling to work, we’ve pulled together a handy guide for those who haven’t commuted to work before. With a little bit of homework, a few preparations before you set off, and the right equipment, you’ll be all set to commuting by bike.

Check your Bike

First things first! Make sure your bike is road ready before every journey. It doesn’t take long check your tyre pressure, and if necessary, pump them up, check your brakes and check your lights. It’s also worth checking your quick release levers haven’t been knocked when you’re taking your bike in and out of storage – it has been known before!

If your bike hasn’t left the garage or shed for months and months, we’d suggest a full check over and service to ensure your bike is roadworthy.

Plan your route

folding map

If you’re more used to hitting the trails and quiet country lanes than the busy town and city roads, plan your route before you go. There are a number of route planners available, such as Sustrans. You may be able to avoid the busy roads and junctions you’d rather not traverse just yet by planning your journey and selecting quieter roads, even if they are  not the most direct. Commuting by bike might even open up cycle paths as a route to work that you couldn’t have taken by car! There are a number of cycle routes around Kenilworth and Warwickshire, so check them out and see if any would work as part of your commute.

Work out how long it will take

Try your journey out at the weekend, but factor in that weekend traffic might be different. Your commute to work isn’t the same as a fast weekend ride – there’s likely to be more traffic and junctions contributing to a slower journey time. A good rule of thumb is estimating you’ll be travelling at 10 miles per hour.

We’re also mindful that you won’t want to arrive to work all hot and sweaty. Whilst some places have showers and changing areas, others don’t. We recommend having a gentle commute into work, and then, if you want to have more of a workout as part of your switch to a greener commute, make your commute home a faster ride.

Build your confidence

TREK riders wearing Wavecel helmets

Many of our customers are confident on the roads, but for those that haven’t cycled for a while, or at least not in busy traffic, we know it can be quite daunting. There are a few options for building your confidence before you start commuting including:

  • Always be happy with the basics – that you can check over your shoulder without wobble, signal clearly while keeping complete control of your bike, and be confident steering and braking. If that means a few spins around the park then go for it!
  • Go out with a friend who’s happy cycling in town and use them as a role model. You can learn how maintain a good position on the road, cope with traffic and and get experience of cycling on busier routes
  • Start using the quieter routes to work and build up to busier roads as you get used to commuting by bike
  • Sign up some cycle training if you’d like some additional support and guidance

Protect yourself

wavecel helmet

Always wear a helmet when cycling on the road. For optimal protection, make sure it’s worn correctly (it should fit snugly across your eyebrows) and is free of damage.

Even if you’re only ever riding in the daytime, you still need to be seen. A rainy or dull day can affect visibility for drivers and yourself. Wearing high visibility clothing and using accessories with high viz flashes such as back packs, trousers and helmets can also help.

As we are in the UK, weather is also a consideration, and protecting yourself from the odd shower or downpour is a wise precaution to take. A lightweight packable waterproof is always worth having packed away in a pocket or bag!

Wearing lightweight clothes for commuting will also keep your work clothes free of grime and splashes. Mudguards help considerably with this too – who can put their hands up to having a mud splatter up their back after a morning ride on wet ground?

Bike Lights in poor light

Using your bike lights not only illuminate the path ahead of you, but signals to other road users that you are there. As soon as light starts to fall, put on your front a rear lights. Read out guide to bike lights for more information.

Finally, make sure your bike has a bell for the commute – essential for letting pedestrians know you are there.

Be prepared

Whether you have a rucksack or a nifty little storage unit, make sure you carry your puncture repair kit and essentials. The kit should include spare battery for lights (if your lights take batteries), spare tube, mini pump, puncture repair patch, multi tool, tyre lever and spare battery for your lights. We always carry a £20 note to get us home in a taxi if the worst comes to the worst.

Keep your bike secure

Bontrager Keyed Pro U Lock

Different workplaces offer different solutions for storing bikes securely, but investing in a good quality bike lock is a must. If you can leave the lock at the office consider good quality D lock. f you need to carry one to and from work,  consider a more lightweight lock.

At home, consider where your bike is kept and have the appropriate level of security to help keep your bike secure.

Take time putting your bike away

Once you get home, all you want to do is get in the house but spending just a few minutes at the end of the ride will save you time the next morning. Spending a few minutes wiping down your bike and storing it safely and securely will extend the life of your bike. If your bike lights are rechargeable, bring them in to be charged during the evening, ready for the next day. Once the bike is away, you’re ready to enjoy the afterglow of riding from work, content you’ve helped your fitness, taken some time to yourself on the ride home, and helped the environment. Time for a well earnt cuppa.

If you haven’t commuted to work before, want to start but you haven’t got a bike up for the task, you can buy a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme. If you’d like to know more about commuting by bike, choosing the best bike for you, or you need to give your bike a service, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you on your way.

Cycling to work in Kenilworth

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August Summer Sale

With the sun shining, and August upon us, we’re in the mood to get out in the sunshine and ride. To help you find that perfect bike, we’ve handpicked some great bikes to put in our August Summer Sale. We’ve selected a road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike and a hybrid e-bike to discount. Don’t hang around for long though, they’ll soon be snapped up.

Summer sunshine is for hitting to road on the sale price Specialized Roubaix Pro – SRAM Force eTap AXS

Specialied Roubaix Pro - SRAM Force ETap AXSWith seven wins at Paris-Roubaix, Roubaix has proven that Smoother is Faster. The Roubaix Pro delivers compliance without compromise by introducing a radical new Future Shock 2.0. The new Pavé seatpost creates the most balanced Roubaix to date while the aerodynamics equal the Tarmac. The Rider-First Engineered™ frame sheds some serious weight.

The build on this Roubaix Pro goes as all out with a focus on getting every ounce of performance possible for your money. It features the superlative SRAM Force eTAP AXS 12-speed build kit. With lightweight Roval CL 32 carbon wheels, S-Works carbon Hover bars and Power Pro saddle.


Have fun in the sun on with a dedicated gravel bike, the Specialized Diverge Expert

Specialized Diverge ExpertWhile the real fun starts where the road ends you still need a bike that’ll get you there—one bike that shreds flowy singletrack gravel and traditional roads with equal authority. A dedicated gravel bike like the Diverge Expert. First and foremost it’s fun and always down for a good time but with a progressively-tuned Future Shock the fast and stable Open Road Geometry and plenty of tyre clearance it redefines the possibilities for adventure on a drop-bar bike.

The no-compromise build includes a SRAM Force 1 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes as well as a lightweight Praxis Zayante carbon crankset. Your posterior will be happy over even the bumpiest of terrain with our fan-favorite Power Expert saddle. Of course you’ll also be rolling on stupid-fast carbon fiber wheels and tires courtesy of a Roval C 38 Disc wheelset wrapped with 700x38mm Pathfinder Pro tires.


Long Summer evenings are made for following the trail with the Specialized Epic Hardtail Expert, now on sale.

Specialized Hardtail ExpertThe Epic Hardtail sports one of the lightest production frames to date but it’s a hell of a lot more than that. With capable and comfortable racing chassis and a relaxed head angle with lengthened reach. The Epic retains a short wheelbase for deft handling yet offers more predictable steering and a centered rider position for increased control and speed on any trail.

  • One of the lightest and most capable carbon hardtail frames ever created.  SRAM’s 12-speed GX Eagle groupset provides a wide gear range letting you spin up the climbs.



The Trek UM1+ is perfect for summer commuting or running errands

Trek UM1+



If you thought cars were essential, owning this bike will make you reconsider. With UM1+ Men’s, going from home to work to the shop is all in a day’s ride. Smooth welds add to the aluminium frame’s sleek looks. Available with your choice of a 300 Wh, 400 Wh or 500 Wh battery. With a pre-installed rack and mudguards, you can go from the bike shop straight to the shops with ease.



If you need a new bike this summer, send us a message and we’ll give you a call. For more options on sale bikes, check out our bike sale. While we have only a few select bikes in our sale, we’re starting to have more new bikes delivered.

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New Opening Policy

Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas Opening Hours are:

Christmas EveClosed
Christmas DayClosed
Boxing DayClosed
27th DecemberClosed
28th DecemberClosed
29th DecemberOpen
30th DecemberOpen
31st DecemberOpen
New Years DayClosed
2nd JanuaryClosed
3rd JanuaryClosed
4th JanuaryClosed
5th JanuaryNormal Hours Resume

Normal opening hours resume 5th January 2021

To keep key workers on the road, we’re prioritising bike service & repair for those who are commuting to work by bike.Normal Opening Hours resume Tuesday 5th January

We are opening by appointment only, for one person at a time. To book your appointment, call 01926 853944.

If you’re working shifts and need us outside of our opening times, send us a FaceBook message or email and we will arrange local delivery / collection.

Priority Customers

We’re remaining open by appointment to support key workers commute to work and priority will be given to them, and to minimise the amount of team members in store. If you’re a keyworker, and your bike is your way of keeping on the road, or you need to start cycling to work, book your appointment to come and see us.

We will follow the government’s definition of key workers, which include NHS employees, Emergency Services, and those working in critical sectors.

Opening hours by appointment: 

Tuesday to Friday 10 am -4pm

Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Monday

What we can offer over the next few weeks

  • We are prioritising emergency bike repairs, but if you need your bike serviced to continue to commute, we will book you in for a service and repair, subject to availability.
  • If you maintain and repair your bike at home, we can deliver or arrange in store collection for essential parts and accessories (subject to availability from our stock and suppliers)
  • If you haven’t got a bike, and you need to get one to keep moving, we’ll help you with your purchase. We’ll do this firstly through a phone call consultation and finally by collecting it in store and helping set it up for you.

If we can offer these services over the phone, or via delivery, this is what we will endeavour to do, but please bear in mind we may be slower than our normal service standards due to minimising the number of staff we have working at any one time.

How you can help

  • Call the store first – we may be able to help you without the need for you to come in.
  • Only come into the shop, by appointment, if you are coming for essential services or goods, and if you and the people you live with are well.
  • If you do come into the store, please maintain social distancing, as will our staff. We also ask you not to browse or touch products.

We will back to normal as soon as possible but we will be following government instructions and guidance.

Until then please stay safe.


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Our Guide to Turbo Trainers

Tacx Satori smart trainer

We normally expect Spring to be a time when we’re cycling outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and the change in the season. This year is so very different though. During this challenging time, it’s important to keep exercising, for our well being and our fitness. and turbo trainers allow us to continue exercising in our own home. Smart Trainers allow us to connect to friends virtually too. So, lets take you through the basics.

The benefits of indoor turbo training

  • There’s nobody else to worry about – no pedestrians about to cross the road, no cars. Just you and your bike so you can focus on your output.
  • There’s no variable weather. While you may be able to open a window (and we recommend some ventilation as you’ll get hot whilst riding), you won’t be rained on. You won’t have a sudden change in temperature as the clouds roll in or be drenched in muddy water as a car rolls past.
  • There’s no mud to clean down at the end of the ride
  • Turbo trainers are reasonably easy to store.

What do you need to think about?

Think about where you’ll be setting up, and whether that’s OK with everyone else in the house. Ideally, you should keep it set up all the time so that you’re more likely to hop on, but if that’s the case, you’ll all need to live with it where it’s positioned. Our customers tend to set up in the garage, or in a space in the study, if it’s downstairs. Think about how the sound will travel and the impact that has on your household or your neighbours – this is one of the main reasons we suggest not taking it upstairs!

You’ll need to protect the floor too as you work up a sweat, so consider a floor mat.

Turbo Trainer or Smart Trainer?

We stock a range of turbo trainers from the budget friendly Tacx Twist to the feature packed Tacx Neo (available on special order). Generally, The more you spend, the more features you’ll get, and the quieter your machine will be.

Turbo Trainers

If you’ve never cycled indoors, turbo trainers are a good starting point, in terms of budget. You can remove your rear wheel and mount your bike to a turbo. Turbo trainers start at just £119.99 and come with a range of simple features so that you can to continue to train indoors. Whilst you won’t be able to connect to external apps though you will have enough basic features to get you moving.

Direct Turbo Trainers

Direct Turbo Trainers allow you to remove the back wheel completely. You hook your bike chain onto the turbo’s cassette with a skewer. These are quieter machines.

Smart Trainers

Smart Trainers give you more flexibility in setting the resistance so you can set as challenging a workout as you want. If you’d like to be social, and record your performance, we’d recommend a Smart Trainer, and the majority of our customers agree. As we’re facing social distancing, we’d recommend considering a Smart Trainer to help you stay connected.

Tacx Smart Trainers will automatically control resistance depending on the input and the selected workout or virtual course. And you get your cadence, speed and power measured and displayed.

Smart Turbo trainers use Bluetooth and ANT+ to wirelessly interact with cycling apps such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Tacx software.  You can interval training or select a virtual hill taking in hills. Zwift will let you socially ride with other cyclists on your virtual route, giving up a social element to the ride, as well as feeling the effects of where you are in the group.

Smart Trainers can add additional wear to your rear wheel, so we recommend taking off your road wheel and buying a turbo-trainer specific wheel instead. This can then be fitted onto your bike while it’s on the turbo trainer and will be much more hard wearing.


If you’re willing to practise, and you’re looking for a more natural feel, without being connecting to others, rollers might be for you. Rollers are a set of free–spinning cylinders that your bike sits on. As you pedal, the cylinders rotate, giving you the sensation of being on the open road. They take a little getting used to so you might want to position the trainer near a wall or something else you can use to steady yourself. We find that with a little practise, you acclimatise quite quickly to riding this way. The benefits are a more natural feeling ride, and increased core strength as your body works at balancing during the ride.


Zwift is the most popular app. This pairs your bike with the trainer, and connects you to other riders in the virtual world if you’d like to. You can go on a solo ride, social rides, or follow a tailored programme. You can select to join races too, all in a choice of five worlds.

TrainerRoad offers a plethero of training packages that you can flex. It’s primarily aimed at those training for races and triathlons, and offers a range of analytics so you can understand your performance.

If you’re going solo, or have a turbo trainer rather than a smart trainer, hop onto YouTube. You’ll find lots of workouts to follow.

What else you might need

Cycling is thirsty work so have a drinks bottle within easy reach. There is a specific Tacx bottle but you can use your standard water bottle in your cage if you wish.

We’ve already talked about mats protecting your floor. Not only will it protect it from sweat, but they can help stabilise the bike.

Have a towel to hand to mop up every now and again.

Software accessories are important if you’ve got a smart trainer. You’ll want your screen in front of you, whether it’s mounted on the handlebars, or mounted on a table in front of you. Depending on the noise generated from the trainer, you may like to slip on some headphones to hear what’s goinin on in the virtual world.


Now you know the basics, you can talk to us about the best trainer for you and your budget. Once you’ve got it home, set aside a dedicated time when you’ll hop on and train, and select a programme you can follow, or invite a group of friends to join you in Zwift.

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Why We Love Cycling

A bike resting against nature near a waterway

We all know that cycling makes us feel good. It’s good for the body, and it’s good for our minds. We’ve put our heads together to come up with why we love it so much. If we had to boil it down to just one sentence, it’s because cycling can give you a buzz, allows us to engage in the great outdoors and lets us get away from it all for a few hours.

Here’s our top 5 reasons for why we love getting out on a bike.

1. The anticipation

Close up of a bike mechanic adjusting brakesDon’t you love the thought of being on the bike almost as much as being on it? Going for a ride is something we look forward to, whether it’s once a week, or every day. Cycling for the fun of it is something that makes you smile just planning it.

Then there’s the prep – we enjoy choosing our route, deciding how many miles to go, or for how long we’ll be out. We enjoy the checklist we go through before we get on the bike – weather, checked, tyres checked, water, checked – Off we go!


2. Being outdoors

An empty country laneWhen you’re outside, you can get a sense of perspective, literally. There are no walls restricting your vision and you can see more than a few feet ahead. Everything else that’s happening in your life, falls into perspective as you feel part of the world. You’re connected to the seasons. You have a sense of time, whether it’s Spring unfolding or autumn bringing out the colours.

Research has shown the benefits being in the great outdoors have – whether walking, running, cycling or something else. Just being in the fresh air can improve your mood, reduce stress and help your self esteem. (Mind.Org.UK)


3. Stress Busting and Anxiety Reducing

Mindfulness is all about being aware of the moment and what your senses are telling you. Cycling outdoors engages all your senses during the ride.

Your eyes are on the road ahead, seeing all kinds of scenery, whether it’s the street buildings or the rolling hills. The smells of city, town or countryside, of rain or mud tell you where you are. The sensation of the wind, rain and sun on your skin (sometimes all at the same time) makes you feel alive. The sound of the tyres on the road, the gear change, the birds in the trees help build the memories of the ride.  The feedback from the pedals, your muscles telling you you’re working hard, remind you what you’re doing.  All your senses are working, you feel connected to the world and it feels good. We’re itching to hop on our bikes just reading that!

There’s also the escapism – because you’re in the moment, of focusing on the climb, or the road, it gives you a break from other things that might be on your mind. Sometimes, you’re so focused on cycling, there’s no room for anything else.

Exercise is good for the body, but it’s always fantastic for the mind. There are growing reports on the positive impact aerobic exercise such as running and cycling have on managing anxiety and lowering the risk of depression. Why? Because  physical exercise can reduce tension and stress, improve sleep, and can give you goals, as well as giving you that sense of satisfaction. (

4. The exercise

Exercise is good for the body and good for the mind. Health benefits of regular cycling include contributing to our cardiovascular fitness and can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and stroke (  The great thing is, you can choose the route and pace depending on your own fitness and your own goals.

Cycling can also be a great part of a mixed programme of training, especially for endurance events.

Whilst cycling is reasonably low impact, if you need to take the strain off your joints, an e-bike can be the perfect solution – you can switch to battery power when you need a little help, but get all the benefits of being outdoors.


5. The afterglow

Your muscles may feel tired, the weather may have changed halfway through the ride, but you come back and you feel good. You’ve achieved something. Whether it’s getting in your miles, working towards a fitness goal, smashed your goal or you’ve managed to get away from it all for a few hours, you’ve done it. You feel proud, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do and you’re already thinking of the next goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike, and enjoy the ride!

A glorious sunset with dark clouds over a field of grass

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Corona Virus Statement

We realise the Corona Virus has made this a worrying time for everyone and ask you to help reduce the risk to yourselves and our staff in order that we can continue to serve you and care for your bikes.

Follow the guidance

If you or anyone in your immediate family/household are unwell or showing symptoms that could be attributable to coronavirus, we respectfully ask you not to visit the shop and follow the latest government guidance.

We are making sure all contact points are cleaned multiple times a day and have suitable PPE for all our staff.

Support your local shops

Not just bike shops but all your local shops. We will all need your support in the coming months. Think local.

We can still help

If you require any assistance, please call to discuss this on 01926853944 or through our contact form on our home page.  We can collect bikes, and also deliver items without a problem. If you can get to the shop, and would like help getting the bike out the car, then please just ask. We are happy to help in any way we can.

If you would like to book a collection or delivery, please call the shop. Now is a great time to get your bike repaired, especially if you rely on it for travel. If you need you bike for work transport and are in any of the emergency services, not only do you get a discount but we will prioritise your repair to get you back on the road asap. If we can’t get it fixed the same day, we’ll loan you a bike.

Avoid Cash Please

We would like to avoid cash payments, wherever possible, therefore, please bring your bank card to make payment. We can also send invoices via email for online payment for any repair work or shop items.

Get Out and Exercise

Current guidance suggests outside activities and exercise are still good as long as reasonable distances are maintained. With the upcoming spring weather, there is no better time to get out on your bike. If you are working from home, or are at home because of social distancing, then do pick up your bike and get out and ride. It will improve your mood and give you a welcome break from the indoors, especially while the sun is out! We’re written a blog on why we love cycling and just some of the benefits, especially for our wellbeing.

As the current situation is a rapidly changing one, we will keep you updated with any changes as they occur through our blog posts on our home page.

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Specialized Hotrock 20″ and 24″ Now on Sale



Image of two Kids size specialized HotrocksHotroc

Specialized have seriously slashed the prices on Hotrocks

Hotrock 20″ in Black or Silver

    • Tough, light, and durable, the A1 Premium Aluminium frame is built to stand up to years of tough riding.
    • SR Suntour XCT-JR suspension fork offers 40mm of coil-sprung travel that smooths out bumpy, rough terrain.
    • 20-inch Renegade tyres provide plenty of grip both on- and off-road


  • SRP Was £335, Now £229


Hotrock 24″ in Silver or Neon Blue

    • Tough, light, and durable, the A1 Premium aluminium frame is built to stand up to years of tough riding.
    • SR Suntour XCT-JR suspension fork offers 50mm of coil-sprung travel that smooths out bumpy, rough terrain.
    • 24-inch Renegade tyres provide plenty of grip both on- and off-road.


  • SRP Was £365, Now £259

Contact Mike or Ray to order today