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Trek Domane+ LT 2020 Test Ride

Profile view of the Domane Plus LT 2020 road electric bike in back and red

Trek Domane+ LT 2020 Test Ride

The new Domane+ LT has now been released.

I soon got out on the road to give it a test.

My first impressions of the new Domane+ LT E-road bike from Trek are that (as with the non-electric version) it’s a good-looking bike. High end road bikes have a tendency to feel a little twitchy when you first swing a leg over the saddle, but at 13.6KG (29.9lbs) the Domane+ LT is not competing to be the lightest road bike on the market. In fact, it can also be ridden with the battery and drive-unit removed, reducing its weight to 10.7Kgs (23.6lbs).

Once underway cycling up a shallow gradient the Fazua motor gives you very smooth and quiet assistance. So much so that on a slightly breezy day I could hardly notice that I wasn’t doing all the work. Along to the flat section and downhill the Domane’s weight helped to quickly improve its velocity. The 500 series Carbon frame with ISO-Speed front and rear felt comfortable and very stable with the Ultegra brakes doing an impressive job of bringing the bike to a stop at the bottom of the junction. Very confidence inspiring.

A slight change of riding style means that you seem to get the best out of the bike by staying seated and letting the motor do the work. A Double chainset allows you to choose the appropriate gear for any big climbs and this is where the Fazua motor really comes into its own. Our local hill climb test is up “Common Lane” which has a total elevation of a little over 300 feet and varies between 6 and 11% Although I did have to change down on the rear cassette, the little motor assisted and allowed me to pedal up at a very comfortable pace. In fact, it felt easily as quick as my best attempt on Strava when doing hill reps.

To complete my lap, I took the left turn on to the Kenilworth road riding amongst traffic building up speed to the crest and then overriding the 25KPH speed limit all the way down to the traffic lights.

Overall, I was very impressed with the performance of the motor which gave the feeling that you were riding a regular Carbon Domane but with added assistance when required.

Well done Trek & Fazua!

If you’d like to see the Domane+ LT for yourself, we have two sizes in store on the High Street. Do come in and see it for yourself.

Trek Domane+ LT E Bike