Trek Rail 9 – Our recommendation of the week!

By mikevaughan 22. 11. 2020

Trek Rail 9

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Electric bikes and certainly electric mountain bikes have come such a long way in the past few years and we can see these upgrades refined in the Trek Rail 9. The Rail 9 is an electric Mountain bike with long-travel suspension, a light Aluminium frame and a 625Wh battery, allowing you to ride faster up those rocky and rough terrains. 

Perfect for speed, power and all round fun!

This eMTB is perfect for those who want to put the fun back into exercise. The Rail 9 gives you speed and power, allowing you to enjoy riding further, for longer. 

The long-travel suspension and the well balanced geometry makes you feel more confident, comfortable and stable over difficult ground.

The Alpha Platinum Aluminium frame is light and durable, and encases a 625Wh battery. The Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system hides within the frame for protection, looks great and is easy to remove and charge ready for your next ride!

The Bosch motor is smaller, lighter and more efficient, it being Bosch’s longest-range battery, allowing you to get more laps in and whilst not having to worry about running out of charge.

This bike is lively and offers a more race-inclined feel, making you push harder and get up those steep uphill trails faster so you can enjoy the speed downhill!

As well as having a brilliant spec, the Trek Rail 9 is also great looking bike! With different colour ways on offer you’re bound to find your perfect fit.

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Mike and Team