Why we love the Specialized Turbo Vado SL

By mikevaughan 5. 11. 2020

As a long established bike shop, we’re constantly asked about what we’d recommend. So, we thought we’d create a blog or two featuring our recommendations, starting with the Specialized Turbo Vado SL.


When we began to think about what bikes we would choose to recommend for cyclists, we couldn’t not include the Vado SL. Perfect for today’s lifestyle, this bike is fast-paced, safe and a very enjoyable ride. As the Turbo Vado SL is an e-bike, it has a brilliant range and power, meaning it amplifies your own pace, allowing you to get to where you want to faster whilst also taking the strain off hilly routes.

Perfect for….

This would be the perfect bike for getting some exercise inand for doing your bit to help the environment.  It’s also ideal if you want to get to work while avoiding public transport. We think it’s perfect for the daily commute as it allows you to arrive at work energized and ready for the day ahead, not hot and sweaty from a hard commute!

This bike is one of our top recommendations as it is not only brilliant for the work commute but also ideal for beautiful autumnal rides on the weekends. This bike is stylish and fun and a great hybrid.

There is no other electric bike out there like the Turbo Vado SL. It’s light enough to carry, making it easy for you to get around and lock up when going into town.

Fully equipped with mudguards, rack and lights that are permanently on (meaning you’ll be seen all year round). It even comes in different colours to suit your taste. All you need is a helmet and a good lock to complete the perfect riding experience!

Of course, to make the right recommendation for you, we need to know a little bit about you. We want to know where you’d like to ride, how you’d like to ride and what you’d like from your bike. If you’d like help choosing your next bike, give us a call. We’re happy to help find that perfect bike for you.