Service Options List

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Inspect frame, forks, drive & wheels
Tyres checked for wear & damage
Brakes adjusted
Gears adjusted & lubricated
Bolts checked for tightness
Hydraulic brake bleed £25 per brake £25 per brake £25 per brake
Fitting brake pads
Fitting brake inner cables*
Fitting gear inner cables*
Fitting chain
Degrease drivetrain & basic wash
Wheels trued
Inspect headset
Inspect bottom bracket
Re-grease and service hubs £20 per hub
Firmware update for Di2 or E-Bike £30
Full strip down and clean
Replace full groupset*
Dropper post cable replacement
Service pedals
Bikes £50 £70 £90 £130
E-Bikes £60 £90 £120 £170

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We recommend the following schedules for repair:

Hybrids, Road bikes and Tourers

  • 6 monthly check + annual overhaul

Lightly used Mountain Bikes

  • 6 monthly check + annual overhaul

Heavily used Mountain Bikes

  • 3 monthly check and 6 monthly overhaul

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Free 6 Week Service

During the early weeks of riding, your bike will be going through a settling in period and may well need a few adjustments, particularly to the gears and brakes. To keep your bike running efficiently we offer a free check at six weeks, or about 200 miles, (This can be done while you wait if you give us a call beforehand and book it in.)

Your new bike will be more reliable, enjoyable and longer lasting if it is well maintained. It is vital to keep your bike clean, paying extra attention to the transmission, rims and tyres. We supply products to degrease the chain and remove grime from the frame and components. We recommend not using any high pressure hoses. Power Washers can destroy  bearings in Headsets, Bottom Brackets, hubs, suspension pivots and pedals.