Half Term Kids Bike Check

Half Term Kids Bike Check

Half Term Kids Bike Check

With an unseasonable February half term, it’s the perfect time to get riding again as a family.

For this half term (19th February – 27th February) we’ll offer a free safety check on all kids bikes. All you need to do is bring the bike to our shop. If you bring the kid too, we can help you check the sizing and make any adjustments to the bike to accommodate those winter growth spurts.

Simple Bike Safety Check

If you haven’t used the bikes over winter, it’s important to check the bike over before setting out. Actually, it’s really good practice to do this before every ride. Check tyres for wear, damage and pressure, pumping up the tyres to the correct pressure if needed. Check the brakes are in good working order and look for other signs of wear and tear.

The benefits of a correctly sized bike

Having the right frame size and the saddle and bars set in the correct position for your child means a more comfortable ride. And a more comfortable ride means they’re happier to stay outdoors for longer. With the bike set up correctly, your kid can pedal more efficiently, meaning they don’t get tired as quickly. The correct sizing also means that the brakes can be used correctly, feet can be put on the ground safely and turning is safer and easily.

Pop into Mike Vaughan Cycles this half term for a free sizing & safety check on kids bikes.

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