Winter Bike Safety Checks

Winter Bike Safety Checks

Riding outdoors in winter on a cold, sunny day can be awesome, but there are a few things you should do to prepare for your winter ride. Ensuring your bike is in good condition by carrying out a series of checks is highly recommended. Don't forget, winter riding brings it's own conditions that means cleaning down your bike after the ride will always be a worthwhile task. Here's our checklist.

Protect your bike

Mudguards protect both you and your bike, especially the bearings and other moving parts from the worst of the dirt, debris and water lying in the road at this time of year. If you're not sure which mudguards to get, our technicians will advise on the fitting of mudguards. 

Light Up Your Bike

The mornings are darker for longer, and light starts to disappear earlier in the evening meaning lights are essential for winter riding. Check that your lights are clean, in good working order and that the batteries are charged to allow you to see and be seen. If needed, we’ll recommend the best lights for you for where you ride. Just pop in for a chat.

Check Your Brakes

Check your brakes regularly, If you'd like to know whether they ought to be replaced, then bring your bike in for a service. 

Check Your Tyres

Good tyres with good grip help your braking power, but tyres are more prone to damage and punctures in the winter from sharp stones and flint that are washed out of the road surface. While you can try and ride free of the debris, checking your tyres regularly for signs of cuts or nicks is important to do. Once you've inspected your tyres, check your tyre pressure and adjust the pressure as needed - adjusting the pressure down a little in winter can give you more comfort and control.

If you’re looking for a more durable tyre that’s a little more resistant to punctures as well as giving your more grip while riding, we can talk to you about the merits of switching to winter tyres.

Get Your Winter Kit

Now your bike is ready for winter, you can go out and enjoy the ride. Kitted out in thermal base layers, warmers, waterproofs and overshoes, you’ll be able to enjoy winter outdoors in comfort. Don't forget your sunglasses either!

After the ride...

In winter, your bike takes more punishment from the road conditions, and needs extra care. 

Clean your bike

Salt, grit and grime don’t do your frame or components any good, so part of your winter bike routine after every ride should include a thorough cleaning, taking care of components that don’t want to be blasted by water and chemicals. 

Recharge batteries

When you return from your ride, make sure you're ready for the next one by putting your light batteries, and/or or e-bike battery on charge, so that they're ready for the next one.

Book Your Bike Service

We recommend regular servicing of your bike. If you'd rather have one of our trained technicians check your bike, find out more about the services delivered by our trained technicians by taking a look out our bronze, silver gold and platinum service offers. or book a service by calling 01926853944.

Any new parts or accessories required will be recommended to you at the end of the safety check but are not included in the price. We’ll quote for parts and fitting for any additional work before we go ahead.

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