Tarmac SL 7 – a review from the bike enthusiasts

Tarmac SL 7 – a review from the bike enthusiasts

Tarmac SL 7 – a review from the bike enthusiasts

Let’s talk about the S Works Tarmac SL 7

You know it looks the part, but how does it ride?

Firstly, the Tarmac SL 7 means you no longer have to choose between weight and aerodynamics, no compromise. This bike is literally the lightest bike at the legal weight limit, weighing under 6.7kg out of the box. Specialized have applied their most advanced technologies, including their FreeFoil Shape Library and an all-new Rider-First Engineered™ frame, delivering a bike which is, in our opinion, one of the best race bikes ever!

We think Specialized have hit the nail on the head with the Tarmac SL 7, with what could be described as the love child of the lightweight Tarmac SL6 and the aerodynamic Verge.

The ride quality has been balanced between the front and rear end, so even those really long rides will still feel comfortable.

The handling has not been compromised, still offering that snappiness that makes the Tarmac a race winner.

Specialized have put a lot of hard work into this bike. Years of research, development and testing has definitely paid off, leading to two world race championship wins and many many races!

Mikes thoughts on the Specialized S Works Tarmac SL 7…

“I really look forward to riding in the sunshine wearing shorts and a Jersey riding my S-Works Tarmac SL 7.

As Cyclists we all dream of sunny days riding our best bikes. We spend hours riding miles in cold wet weather or punishing ourselves doing intervals on the Turbo with an aim to be faster.

With any sort of training focus you’ll improve but the Tarmac SL 7 changes up another gear and allows you to ride even faster.

When riding my Tarmac my speed increases at least 1.5 – 2 miles per hour and usually with less effort and a big smile on my face.

The designers have done a fantastic job of combining aerodynamics lightness and stiffness to make a frame the best choice for any road race situation. The combination of Roval Rapide Aero bar’s and CLX wheels a Professional mountain top finish a bunch Sprint or just improving your time on a Strava segment the Tarmac SL 7 will get you there faster.”

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